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Software Projects

  1. My Notes system
  2. My Queue
  3. Ok - The Git Helper
  4. Dropsearch
  5. Scratch
  6. Monkey Radio Reborn
  7. Oblique Strategies
  8. Deep Thoughts

My Notes System (2024-Current)

coming soon

My Queue (2024-Current)

coming soon

Ok - The Git Helper (Ongoing)

For the longest time I have been using a small utility that i created sometime in the ealry 2000s. Truthfully, there isn't much to it. This application will look at all git projects in my home folder, if anything is changed it will list it. This alone solves a huge problem for me. I am forever jumping from project to project, so it's easy for me to forget to check something in. The other part of this is that with a quick command i can add, commit and push any matching repos. This is helpful for projects where I use git for more of a "backup" then a true version control system. For example, i use this for dotfiles I use gnu stow to manage my files. .

The meta project here is that I rewrite this app every few months. If I'm learning a new programming language I usually try it out here first. Off the top of my head this has been writting in: Go, Rust, Haskell, and Zig. Since I use this on Mac, Linux and Windows it's a good test for cross-platform compatibility as well.

Dropsearch (2024-Current)

Dropsearch is a small project to learn more about Meilisearch Meilisearch is a search engine designed for developers. It provides a simple API for integrating full-text search functionality. . Learning the search was this simple to implement has really opened my creativity and thoughts on other projects like this in the future.

Future plans include a more refined search, possibly with a basic query structure to list tags, etc. Eventually, I would like to expand this out to a general bookmarks and history search

Scratch Notes (2023-Current)

Scratch Notes is a minimal note-taking application. This was written in Go using Fiber and Sqlite. I used this project as an excuse to learn more about litestream so there is an intersting bit about how this works. When the application boots up Example Dockerfile and script it will check for an existing backup on remote storage, if that exists and there isn't a local database it will restore it. Then it will continue with regular replications. For some reason with this I really struggled to get litestream working with a local minio instance. So I have documented my config for future reference litestream.yml

Monkey Radio Reborn (2019-Current)

Coming Soon

Oblique Strategies (2022)

The original Oblique Strategies was created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in the 1970's. It's original format was a deck of 7-by-8 cm playing cards. The purpose of these cards is to promote lateral thinking.

There are already several digital formats of these cards. None, of the current formats I found very acessible or available to me so I decided to create my own version to scratch and itch and help learn Phoenix Phoenix is a web-framework written with Elixir. Elixir, in turn, is built on top of the Erlang BEAM vm better.

In 2022 I finished up my initial draft of Oblique Strategies for my own amusement. Im not a stellar designer so I ended up sticking with a greyscale scheme in a sort of brutalist layout. I wanted the text to appear in a format that somewhat resembled a card to pay homage to the origins.

Deep Thoughts (2020)

Deep Thoughts was an exercise for learning Sevelte. This mini-app combines two of my favorite things - Jack Handey and the Astronomy Picture of the Day

If you ever find yourself lost in thought about life's mysteries, remember, somewhere out there, there's a website full of my quotes, waiting to confuse you even more. Welcome, and may you find the wisdom you didn't know you were avoiding.

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