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"Commandline interface to your Nest thermostat"

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title: “Nerdnest” date: 2017-02-03 author: Zach type: post tags:

  • project description: “Commandline interface to your Nest thermostat” link: /projects/nerdnest/ screenshot: /img/nerdnest/emacs-maximum-effort.png active: true

Nerdnest is a command-line interface to your Nest thermostat. It is 100% unofficial and 100% open-source.

Enjoy the comfort and simplicity of controlling your Nest from your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer right from the command-line. Easily integrated into scripts for full control of your own Internet of Things.

Maximum Effort as you keep your toes toasty right from Emacs

Nerdnest in Emacs


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