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Morse Code Glove

Experiment with morse code interfaces

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title: Morse Code Glove date: 2016-07-24 author: Zach type: post tags:

  • project description: Experiment with morse code interfaces link: /projects/morse-code-glove/ screenshot: /img/glove/20160724-IMG_20160724_085317-thumb.jpg

The Morse Glove is an interface for a project to experiment with different “sight free” interfaces for an in-car computer. The theory is that many “hands free” devices (like Siri) are still very distracting since you need to engage the verbal areas of your brain.

By using a totally non-visual medium that can be learned through memorization, the commands can easily be turned into “reflex” like responses that take little thought to execute.

Overview shot of Teensy and Glove The glove and wrist pieces

The core of this project came together pretty quickly . Construction as you can see if very rough, but it was enough to get the basic concept going. Within a few minutes of its creation i could easily switch tracks and adjust the volume on my media player with little mental interruption of the task i was working on.

Closeup of the Teensy Closeup of the Teensy and my terrible construction skills

Future experimentation would be around the glove. As you can imagine it’s very cumbersome!

Below is a parts list and code to get you started.


Part Description Cost URL
Elastic band Just something simple to mount the board on $10
Glove The cheapest conductive glove i could find at Walmart $3.95
Conductive Thread You'll need a decently sturdy needle for this. $8.00
Jumper Wires Easy way to connect things for experimenting $5.00
Headers Makes it easy to remove the teensy when you are done tinkering $5.00
Perfboard Really easy way to mount your projects $8.50
Teensy The best "arduino like" out there $20.00
Total ~ $60

Morse Glove “driver”

This just decodes finger touches (dit and dah) into letters just as if you had typed them into a keyboard. This makes it very simple to interface with other software. In my experimentation i created a simple script menu to run different commands to control a music player.

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