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Notes / polychronic-time

Polychronic Time

Based on relationships/context instead of linear time

Nodes around people, locations, weather, etc

Base things on “flow”, for example things to do when you are “in the zone” for a particular project, activity, etc

Momentum based

Minimize static goals

Maximize getting the most out of the moment

Distraction vs simultaneous activity

Emphasize sequences over schedules

Restrict “depth” and choice to maintain understandability

Value relationships over time because time is less predictable

Teamwork is more valued

  • How to incorporate this into an app?
  • “Portals” or “windows” of things that are shared
  • Default to shared over hidden

“High context” (ie providing a lot of background information) - In the app show relevant connections

“The priority is the meeting itself, not necessarily the timing of it”

“Deadlines are approximations”

May 8 Notes / Ideas One thing i don’t like about the current layout is the “blockiness”, but i don’t want to go down the route of “graph links” (a la Obsidian). Im trying to think of a UI design that will be a little less rigid.

Perhaps the current “sections” could be tiles that can be rearranged?

In its simplest form this is a database frontend that provides a) relations between objects and b) filtering. Of the two, i think the filtering is the hardest to get right in a gui.

Thoughts on note detail…ie how do we link things from a note

  • People @
  • Projects !
  • Things #
  • Locations &

Markup sample

?Research, ?Questions, ?Unknown
&Location, &Place
[This is a Link](Page Name) this is a link
N(multiple words) - enclose a glyphy for multiwords
@(Persons full name)
&(a place)

App Layout

App Layout

Markdown Sample

App Layout