Zach Peters

"Property-Based Testing with PropEr in Elixir"

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title: “Property-Based Testing with PropEr in Elixir” date: 2018-11-04T10:57:52-06:00

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  • elixir
  • testing
  • property

i bought the book on a whim. Been obsessed with elixir lately and have multiple projects that i don’t feel confident in my tests

vaguely heard of “property testing” before. waht i gather it has soemthing to do with generating tests

read a little bit every night and do some learning


this book includes Elixir and Erlang side by side (nice)

a machine should generate tests

automation to keep the boring stuff away


sorted_list(N) -> ?LET(L, list(N), sort(L)).
prop_merge() ->
    ?FORALL(List, list(sorted_list(pos_integer())),
    merge(List) == sort(append(List))).